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How We Broke Thanksgiving… and How to Fix it

Thanksgiving is, in large part, about celebrating food. Right? Well, that was the intention, anyway. Now, fearful conversations about food often overshadow the familial conversations over food. Thanksgiving is a time to be careful, not carefree. Turkey is the judge, … Continue reading

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Email of Awesomeness: Nov. 13, 2013

At TwoGrand, we’re not big fans of newsletters. Calling something a “newsletter” implies a somewhat static nature. You think of routine. And thus, most people ignore newsletters. That said, email is still a great way to engage and delight people, … Continue reading

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When You’re a Startup, You Turn the Floor Into a Beautiful Wood Table

When you’re in the earliest stages of a startup, you’ll always be short on three things: time, money, and people. It’s part of the challenge. This is a story about creatively working around those limitations. As Alex and I (Peter) … Continue reading

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Why Our Philosophy is to Not Have a Nutrition Philosophy

TwoGrand is an app designed to help you achieve your weight goals, yet we don’t have a nutrition philosophy. And that’s the point. We acknowledge this is contrarian, so bear with us. Between 80 and 95 percent of diets fail, … Continue reading

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What Does the Name TwoGrand Mean?

TwoGrand is an allusion to the piece of instructional material you’ve likely viewed more than any other in your lifetime – the nutrition label, and it’s recommended daily value (DV) of 2,000, or “two grand” calories. The DV is a … Continue reading

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The Story Behind TwoGrand

In late 2010, I (Peter) was a few hours into a normal workday. I was head down, buried in some task, when a friend and colleague grabbed my attention. “Hey man, what’s for lunch today?” “Hadn’t thought about it,” I … Continue reading

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